Hand-crafted and engraved Argentium® silver

Bracelets and Barrettes

The Artist

Jack’s experience and education comes from four generations of fine jewelry craftsmen and an education at Bradley Horological School in Peoria, Illinois. There, he learned the art of fabrication of metal, designing, and casting one-of-a-kind designs.

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Browse my selection of Argentium® bracelets for sale. I have a wide variety of sizes, styles, design options, and different engraving work available. For ordering information, choose the bracelet you want and contact me via this page.

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Argentium® Silver

Argentium® is a tarnish resistant sterling silver that is 96% pure silver. The unique formulation of Argentium® enhances the appearance of the silver, giving a natural brightness and lustrous beauty that outshines white gold, platinum, and even traditional sterling silver.

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Selection of bracelets

Barrette with flower engraving

Argentium silver engraving

Argentium silver bracelets

Selection of spring back barrettes

Bracelets with custom engraving

Selection of French back barrettes


Bracelet with Montana agate inset

Barrettes with spring back

Barrettes with spring back